from the filmmaker:
"My name is Brandon Schrichten and have been some what of a film maker since my early teens.
I have been a part of Scott Toepfer's photo journal project, "It's Better in the Wind" since the

His enthusiasm, and creative drive for his project, sparked something in me as well.
I realized the opportunity to start documenting our rides would help give me a whole new
perspective on the riding experience. Through the years, I lived in California and went on almost
every single ride and did what I could to capture the moment.
Meanwhile, Scott's project was taking off and the success of his vision made my projects get

I have never been a self promoter and have always made my videos just for our friends to see,
but it seems like other people started to take a liking.

In the recent months, I moved to Colorado, away from all my friends and family.
That meant no more fun rides every day in beautiful California.
Scott has been working on a film to go with his photo journal project and this El Mirage trip was
supposed to be the closing chapter on his project.
I couldn't wait for this trip and wasn't going to miss it for the world.
With the weather against us with rain, sleet, snow, and a tornado warning, I shoveled a path in
thesnow so I can load the bikes in the truck and drove off into the snow filled Rocky Mountains.

Two days of solid driving and my soul was rejuvenated when I saw my friends.
I have the best group of friends a guy could have and they are the life of any event.
I went months without being able to work on a video project because I was trying to get settled
in my new home and was itching for a new project. Even though I knew Scott was out there
filming for his project, I wanted to gather my own footage for my project and memories.
Making this video has done nothing but help me relive the best trip I have ever been on.

Every clip has a story behind it and I get to relive it through this video.
I am glad that everyone else has taken a liking to this video and even though it was a video to be
shared amongst my friends, I am glad it has the approval among the public.
I am so blessed in all that life has given me and there is one thing I am extremely grateful for and
it is the absolute time of my life I get to share with my friends.

Thanks again for all the support!"

Brandon Schrichten