DUCATI 900 SS '02 "FLAT RED" by JvB


Ducati Flat Red - They call it retro. We call it Rock`n Roll.

Winner of the int. Ducati Design Contest `04 JvB
In my work for the Ducati design contest ”Design your Dream Ducati”, I wanted to find a compromise between the style of a classic, clean chopper and the performance of a superlight, fast and powerfull sports bike. Inspired by old-school hot rods , I wanted to build a real rock`n roll bike.

1:12 Scale Model - Timeless hot rod styling, absolutely minimalistic design, low riding position and visible clean technics bring motorcycle fascination even to people who are not into bikes.
Of course it´s not the most practical bike, neither is it made for the racetrack, but it doesn´t want to be.

It wants to be good fun, it will deliver lots of character and it's going to be cooler and quicker than every cruiser ever built.

-Details in perfect quality, no visible wiring
-Batteries, electrics and oilcooler – housing (aluminum) in front of engine gives space for fueltank and newly shaped airbox.
-Special exhaust system. Aluminium/ carbon mudguards, aluminium –Air- intake/ filler cap combination
-Low weight/ center of gravity gives easy handling (160Kg wet, 85 Desmo-bhp)
-Flat (matt) red colour as Hot Rod reminiscence 

(Description for the Ducati design contest)
The bike was first developed as a 1:12 scale model and later built on base of a Ducati 900SSie from 2002