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This lovable machine started as a conversation with Bob Ranew of North Carolina. It seems Bob had seen the “Reciprocity” movie bike we built for director Sunny Zhao and was inspired to have us build something in the same family. The bike evolved a great deal along the way and together we came up with something we’re all really proud of. 
The bike was our second to be featured on the premiere vintage and custom moto blog Bike EXIF where it was a big hit. Here’s the skinny on the build…
We took a rather well-kept 1982 XV920R and with much pain and suffering, performed not only our signature sportbike front end swap, but the rear as well — both off very late model Yamahas (YZF R6-R front and R6-S rear). Maxum Machine here in Richmond fabbed up a custom front sprocket/spacer to cope with the increased offset of the rear sprocket and wheel, now sporting a big fat 180mm tire. We stripped off many pounds of 1980′s-style funk from the nerdy looking cruiser, keeping it to a noticeably trim fighting weight.

We opted for top mounted hooligan bars over clip-ons after a lot of waffling by all parties. In the end, we can’t imagine what could be better. When you ride this thing, it feels like some kind of experimental weapon, like G.I. Joe’s personal assault bike. It’s a romping, stomping, elbows-up kind of thing. Pure fun.
Bob has taken it home to North Carolina, and it will be sorely missed. Hopefully visitation can be arranged. Before long we hope to film it in action, so stay tuned for more from the XVCMXX.