dainese vintage jacket


from the producer's desk:

This jacket offers all the allure of classic motorcycle style. Exclusive “vintage” leather piece-dyeing only after stitching provides an original and unmistakable look. This jacket is dedicated to all those who love the motorcycle world whether they own a bike or not. Practical with no sacrifice to technical content, homologated removable protectors, the G-type back protector pocket, and the jacket-pants fastening zipper complete the product profile.

The special feature of this Vintage Collection jacket is the particular working and dyeing of the leather that gives a faded and worn-out look and recalls Marlon Brando and Easy Rider. 

This jacket was “piece-dyed”, meaning that the leather was worked in a neutral shade before receiving its color and printing and then being subjected to its special washing and dyeing after already being sewn and stitched. 
Worthy of note is the fact that the item shrinks during its washing and piece-dying and is therefore 7% smaller than the size on the label. 

Vintage leather 
Pocket for Wave G back protector 
Removable composite protectors 
Fixed, quilted cotton lining 
Adjustable side fastener 
Adjustment strap on neck 
Jacket-trousers fastening system