from the builder's workshop:

Re-finished the tank. Now I understand why good paintjobs cost so much! Really labor intensive, started out sanding the tank, bondo, sand, couple layers of paint, wet-sand, clear coat, wetsand, buff, wax. Painstaking process, but turned out legit! 

Lowered the bike with shorty shocks and pulled the front tree down a few inches. Way nicer stance now. Also easier for me to flat foot both sides.

Pod filters cleaned up nicely!

Out with the old speedo/tach/center cluster and in with new clean 2” gauges. Way cleaner and opens up the field of view! On to the next!

Details of the seat pre sanding.

Modifying the seat on the bike. The previous owner chopped up the tail end of the frame and made a short stubby seat. Now I’m stretching it back out so that it feels more proportional. Also get a better upholstery job done. Since I cant fabricate metal I’m gonna stretch it out with plywood then refinish the whole thing.

So I did it! Picked up a sweet 1978 Honda CB750f cafe. The bike was already built up but I’m going to be adding my personal flare to it. Clutch cable is a little stiff, so we’re gonna get that replaced before I’m gonna be cruising on it. Will be keeping a log on my progress here!