BST Black Mamba’s with Michelin PR3’s
525 conversion (stock gearing) using Supersprox Stealth sprocket, RK chain, AEM Ti cush drive, AEM rear sprocket cover, CNC Racing wheel nuts
Brembo billet rear caliper
Ohlins 100n/mm rear spring (powdercoated black)
Termi Ti can cut down 4", sanded, end caps and bands ceramic coated black, black rivets
Rear peg hangers and pegs powdercoated black

Speedymoto water pump cover
GeeBee silcone hose kit, matte black
Oberon clutch slave (29)
Stock skid plate powdercoated black
Stock handlebars powdercoated black
Rizoma Sportline billet grips
Rizoma Tomok mirrors w/Rizoma adapters for RCS'
Brembo RCS masters (brake/clutch)
Moto Corse reservoirs for RCS'
Motovation barends/sliders
Stock windscreen cut, sanded and painted matte black
PIAA plasma yellow headlight bulbs (disconnected LED centerlight)
Brembo M4 Monobloc's from KTM RC8R (because they were black )
Main brake line from ABS to front caliper modified for M4's
Crossover brake line modified for M4's
Ohlin's fork tubes and bits anodized black (Type III)
Ohlins 7.5 spring kit for forks
CNC Racing front wheel nut
Garmin 660 w/Touratech locking mount and adapter
Ducati electronic gascap powdercoated black
Ducati billet footpegs (some parts powdercoated black)
Ducati CF number plate holder (fender elim kit)
Ducati CF underseat side strips
Ducati CF front mudguard
Ducati CF fuel tank cover
Ducati CF rear chain guard
Ducati CF front sprocket cover
Ducati comfort seats