from "It's better in the wind" a photobook by Scott Toepfer

Because we read “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost, 
and were taught that art is a path chosen by those who will themselves into the unknown. 
Because we watched ‘Easy Rider’ and want to find that for ourselves rather than from a television.

Today we face a world that is unkind to change, filled with the reluctance of apathy. 

Pioneers are just faceless figurines in museums, rather than part of tomorrow’s manifesto. There is something to be cherished in our wide open spaces, 
if only the chance to breathe an unknown air, in search of a new way forward.

Setting out across the West. On vehicles without windows to restrict the scenery. 

With sincerity on the mind, we will be alone to reflect on past and future paths, 
only to find that the solidarity of the group will take us another day forward.

Follow us, share your stories. Enjoy the art, and the journey.