For the 75th anniversary of Moto Morini establishment in 1937 and to celebrate its imminent return on the market in spring 2012, the company is launching a new model by the name of one of the best bikes ever produced in the past by the enterprise with the "Golden Eagle".

The Rebello 1200 Jubilee will be equipped with a 1200 cc engine, 130 hp, endowed with a complete set of standard components. It will have a strong road vocation and only 600 specimens will be manufactured, all numbered and catalogued; no other Rebello will be produced until 2013.

"A collector's cult motorcycle, with a perfectly Moto Morini style, in keeping with its tradition and its ability to innovate, features of this great company throughout its history," says Mr. Sandro Capotosti, Chairman of Moto Morini.

Moto Morini has created a product that stands out for its unique design and the performance of a true champion.

The Rebello 1200 Giubileo is an entirely original bike ready to become the new benchmark in the segment of high-powered bikes.

In detail, the main features are:
Longitudinal V-twin 4-stroke engine, 1200 cc
Technology: Bialbero CorsaCorta
Anti-hopping device
Frame: Tubular steel trellis frame
Fork: Marzocchi UPSIDE DOWN multi-adjustable fork, with 50 mm stalks
Brembo Brakes, front 320 mm dual disc, mono-bloc radial callipers with 4 pistons, master cylinder, rear 220 mm single disc with twin-piston calliper


DESIGN Rebello 1200 Giubileo features a radical style where nothing is left to chance.
Form and function come together to create an object with unusual solutions, therefore unique.
The new Rebello 1200 Giubileo is an emotional product, where the customer reads the bike in his own way, feeling it alive and never getting bored.
All the historic features of the brand have been summed up and reinterpreted in its design and at the same time new lines and innovations have been introduced, creating a perfect blend of past and future.
Research and Development are an integral part of our philosophy.
A unique technology built into the fairing springs from this mission.
An element of design that is functional and allows the bike to become a spacious two-seater, without removing the fairing, but only pressing a function button.
We go our own way by creating day after day motor bikes that have engine, heart and passion.
THE ENGINE The historic Moto Morini V-twin 140 cc, over-square engine, characterized by the innovative base with central cover piece, with mixed chain and gear drive and dual-overhead-camshaft. Dual 54 mm throttle body and engine control system now improved with the introduction of double lambda probe.
A wicked, aggressive engine, which makes the Rebello 1200 Giubileo a downright wicked bike.

ELECTRONICS The electronic management shows a high level of integration between the engine control, by Magneti Marelli, and all the electronic components of the vehicle through a CAN bus, allowing you to keep under control all the main operating parameters. Maximum control, maximum performance.

THE FRAME The Rebello 1200 Giubileo confirms with facts how Moto Morini has succeeded in proposing an extremely easy and intuitive chassis, yet incredibly performing .

SUSPENSIONS high performing yet comfortable at the same time, they use a Marzocchi Upside Down Ø50 fork, with double-acting hydraulic rebound per stalk and spring preload at the front and a rear Öhlins shock absorber fully adjustable in all its functions.

The BRAKES are Brembo ultimate technological expression : at the front a Ø18 master cylinder is used in combination with 2 monobloc callipers, Ø34 4-opposing piston, working together with Ø320 Brembo discs. At the rear, Ø13 master cylinder combined with a calliper with two opposing Ø34 pistons, combined with a Ø220 disc.