Arai has for many years been a proud supporter and sponsor of the Isle of Man TT races. There has always been a strong bond between Arai and the Isle of Man TT races and many competitors and visitors prefer Arai helmets themselves.

In 2010 Arai introduced a new and innovative sponsoring scheme tailor made for the Isle of Man TT organization: a series of three Arai RX-7 GP TT helmets, with a limited production run of 500 units. Now the breathtaking third 2012 edition is ready for its introduction to the best-known course in the motorcycle world.

Third Limited TT Series design
This third Limited TT Series RX-7 GP TT helmet is just as all TT Series limited to a production run of 500 helmets for Europe, a guarantee for exclusivity.
The 2012 TT Series is based on the highly successful, professional racing bred RX-7 GP model. A state of the art helmet in which Arai has packaged all its years of experience on the track and developed with the help of the Arai MotoGP riders. It is also the only helmet that complies with both ECE R22-05 and Snell M2010 standards.

Italian top designer Aldo Drudi was also responsible for this 2012 edition TT helmet that clearly shows classic lines and a colour scheme that reaches back to the rich history of the TT races.Gold, white and black are the dominant colours, together with the official TT logo and the world famous three-legged triskelion symbol.
Of course also this 2012 TT Series Arai RX-7 GP is a fully functional, completely road legal helmet that can be used on the road or track without any restriction.

The Arai RX-7 GP
The 2012 TT Series helmet is based on the highly successful Arai RX-7 GP model. An innovative design with features like no other helmet currently available. The RX-7 GP was developed in close collaboration with winning MotoGP and Grand Prix riders. Their input can be found among others in the revolutionary adjustable “Air Wing” spoiler on the back of the helmet. The Air Wing reduces drag, turbulence and buffeting. Thanks to the wider aperture with SAI visor, the rider also benefits from a wider angle of view, offering a better view out of a corner or in dense traffic situations. Ventilation is greatly enhanced with the updated diffuser system.
Revolutionary is also the new “PB SNC” outer shell (35% stronger than standard fibre) with a special belt construction developed for Arai’s F1 helmet. Together with the unique “Emergency Release Pads” that can be removed in seconds for easy removal of the helmet, these features make the new Arai RX-7 GP a breakthrough in the upper premium helmet segment.

Meets both ECE and SNELL approvals
What makes the RX-7 GP stand out is the fact that it not only meets, but even exceeds the specified requirements and approval criteria of both the European ECE R22-05 and the American SNELL M2010 standards. During SNELL tests, the medium size RX-7 GP absorbs successfully double the amount of energy that is required by the ECE approvals. And even with the XL size, where the differences narrow, the energy absorbed during SNELL tests is still 65% higher than the ECE approvals require. It is also good to know that the RX-7 GP was designed to withstand the SNELL impact penetration tests anywhere above the test line. That is what makes the RX-7 GP truly different and the new benchmark in helmet performance and technology.