from the Deus' workbench:
We’ve all have collected a few random tools over the years…some cheap junk cast metric open-ends, a couple of Grandpa’s Whitworths (for burring bolt heads beyond salvation), a socket driver with one 11mm Torx bit and a massive plumbers shifter you think an ex girlfriend stole from Bunnings to loosen your wheel nuts in an act of revenge after she cracked your phones passcode and discovered someone else was loosening your nuts on the side. Every spanner tells a story.
So if your tool collection reflects the chapters of your life, might be time to collate them in a bespoke case to carry them along for the rest of life’s ride. This is a piece of kit that I hope my son will be wiping his hands one day.
We teamed up with MAKR CARRY GOODS to produce a very limited run of DEUSxMAKR Tool Rolls. Individually hand crafted by the good men of MAKR in Florida. Constructed  from #10 cotton duck Martexin waxed canvas and premium Horween leather. Designed to accomodate all the tools you’ll need to strip down an engine by the side of the road. 8 spanner pockets, 7 socket pockets, 2 utility pouches for drivers and the stash.
We only produced 50 for sale online and in-store at Deus locations only.

The roll was designed to accomodate the Kyoto Tool Company’s MOTO Club ™ Series Riders Maintenance Kit but they are not included in the price.