Here the presentation letter sent by Daniel,
the owner and customizer of the Black Prince, challenge him along the London streets.
"Hey so this all took me about 6 months, really steep learning curve but got there in the end...

Even just sourcing people to do the work took time, things added were as follows...
I used tipex for the tyres to paint them.
I glossed the engine casings, carbs, and pots for the speedo. I also got one of those brackets by T9 which made everything look streamlined.

My girlfriend made the triumph sticker and redesigned it to say Triumph instead of 'Vincent'.
I forgot to take a pic of it but there is a sticker which says 'Made in Great Britian' on the bottom of the tank.
It felt really nice to put all the stickers on and gloss over it all. (little things).

In regrads to paint I chenged it from Phantom Black to Jet Black, the gold was mixed using by eye, trying to replicate the old norton gold...It got pretty technical as there are so many shades! The font for the Triumph logo wataken from the limted edition Bonneville which belstaff did. Classic and modern in an odd way.
Wheel rims pained black. Arrow 2in1 installed. Black hagons which lowered it about an inch or so. Added some fork gaitors too.

The paint work was done by a guy in Cranleigh, Surrey, called cycle works. Good fella.£500.
I bought a new seat, a gel one, I drove it to Viking Seats in brands hatch. From there they shaved 1.5 inches off the front and recovered it in brown. £150. The shade was a bit light but over the two months its got a lot darker. Good guys.

I got the lights changed, new number plate and FEK...pretty standard for the Thruxton customs.
I was gonna change the mirrors to black napoleons but I but I like them silver.

Im really pleased with it all, I commute on it every day, it looks good but it doesnt mean Im only getting it out on dry days!!"