This special based on a Ducati Pantah was created by JvB Moto, a German workshop managed by Jens von Brauck which wanted the bike to look like a prototype forgotten for years in a warehouse near Bologna. 

The bike has been cleaned up by the heavy fairings, the tank is now more streamlined and integrates the service lights and the shortened rear frame on which is mounted a carbon fiber tail also contains the new exhaust pipe.

The engine remains unchanged, it is the classic distribution Desmo L-Twin engine with a timing belt. 

The customization of this bike took three years to Jens von Brauck, who built the bike for his pleasure not to create something to sell "I wanted it to look like a motorcycle found in a shed near Bologna, maybe a prototype made by a designer for a motorcycle-expo in 1981 but that was not accepted by Ducati".

JvB Moto